Continuing & Professional Education

Student Learning
Star Learning Solutions can easily expand your education offerings with credit or non-credit professional development programs that are customized to your target audience. These training programs can be offered in a variety of formats with flexible schedules lectured by professionals and experts in each field, thus adding quantifiable value to students, organizations, and your community’s workforce. Continuing and Professional Education carries out its mission to extend lifelong learning and professional development opportunities to adult
and nontraditional students by providing increased access to higher education.

Enhance Professional Development Skills

Using Star Learning Solutions’ vast library of training content, your college can swiftly implement educational programs and services tailored to your specific needs. As an education partner with your community’s workforce, your college gains recognition for enhancing professional development skills with trainings and workshops.

Tried & Trusted Content

Star Learning’s library of professional education content is used and tested by top universities:
Duke University
Penn State
Princeton University
Kansas University
University of South Carolina
University of Miami
University of Arkansas
University of Louisville
University of Hawaii
University of Pittsburgh

Faculty Training

Faculty face some tough challenge to succeed. Support your facility in designing a course, revising a course, research, instructional strategies and other courses to enhance their professional and personal development.

Develop important work skills in faculty and employees to enhance their performance with dynamic learning experiences that will create strong working relationships and encourage collaboration across your institution.
College tutor with student
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