• Do you need to add new courses or programs online?

  • Do you need to maintain, update or revise for your online

Star Learning Solutions has access to authors, instructional designers, su
bject matter experts, course writers, and quality assurance experts in any given discipline.
Our goal is to ensure that you have a productive, economical and prompt development experience. Our commitment to excellence and our economical solutions are the hallmark of Star Learning Solutions’ curriculum development program.
Star Learning Solutions has extensive experience with Learning Management Systems. Furthermore, we have authors, instructional designers, subject matter experts, course writers, and quality assurance
experts to easily work within the framework you have established.

Our conversion development process is an object-oriented design methodology that yields flexible, scalable, and reusable content.


Instructional Resources

  • Do you need to create or maintain instructional resources?

Star Learning Solution can manage and track your instructional resources for renewals and textbook updates. Additionally, we have extensive knowledge with identifying and securing student resources to enhance your courses.

Faculty Training

  • Do you need to improve faculty participation in your online curriculum?

Faculty and instructors are the keys to any student’s success. Star Learning Solutions equips your faculty and instructors with the training and support they need. Our solutions are designed to enhance instructional effectiveness.

Externship Placement & Career Services

  • Do your students need job placement assistance or career
transition services?

Star Learning Solutions provides career and job services in the following areas:
  • Student Assessment: Assess student needs and interests so career services can be assigned appropriately.
  • Student Career Planning: Assist students in exploring various career paths, and guide students in the development of a Personal Career Development Plan.
  • Navigating the Labor Market: Introduce students to fundamental job search techniques and information technology skills needed to successfully navigate the labor market.
  • Career Development Readiness: An introduction to fundamental career success skills needed to succeed and maintain job stability.

International Student Recruiting / Admissions Advising

  • Do you want to strengthen your International Student program?

For international students education…
when it would otherwise be unfeasible. However, international
students have higher drop-out rates and present more challenges for learners. Research shows that without support systems, many students feel isolated and overwhelmed. Star Learning Solutions uses Five Support Structures to boost international students’ integration and increase student retention.
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